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The Waste Network Team understands that our clients do not always have the time or manpower to manage waste and recycling expenses as they have much larger operational expenses to manage. With us on the job, our clients trust that we are looking out for their best interest. 

The Waste Audit is just the beginning of Waste Network services. We expect to manage all our customer’s waste service requirements to ensure the implementation and success of the Waste Network waste audit recommendations.

  • All waste service functions will be managed directly by us. Our clients do not need to spend time on service calls, on hold with customer service or worry about locating their account numbers.

  • We will oversee all waste equipment emergencies and equipment service/repairs/replacement for our clients. Including the scheduling and ordering of extra equipment and services as needed

  • We utilize proprietary software to track customer service, transactions and expenses. This software enables us to manage all scheduling, service needs and vendor invoices, ensuring they align with the scheduled waste haulers contracted services.

  • Each month, we will verify our client’s waste invoices to make sure we are charged only for the scheduled contracted services.

  • We monitor all monthly service charges to ensure they are exactly as negotiated, with no additional fees or surprise price increases.

  • We work directly with vendors to correct any monthly billing errors.

  • We manage all vendor rebates to ensure they are correct and credited back in a timely manner.

  • We provide additional ongoing recommendations to our customers throughout the term of the service agreement to facilitate increased savings when feasible.

  • We provide consolidated “summary billing” for our customers. Our clients pay us for the waste services contracted and we pay the waste service vendors each month.

  • When we are onsite at a client’s location, we inspect all waste service equipment for appropriate utilization and ensure all safety features are functioning properly to comply with OHSA requirements.

  • Throughout our partnership, we will manage all waste service vendors and agreements to protect our client’s best interests. This includes making sure agreements do not renew without customer acknowledgment and approval. We will review and provide additional quotes/bids as needed.


We've modernized commercial waste and recycling management by centralizing oversight of your operations and utilizing our exclusive process to offer cost-effective services tailored to specific locations.

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